Sailboat at Crowleys for the winter :(

Sailed my boat down to Crowley’s for the winter yesterday from Monroe Harbor with my father.  Fun time, failry heavy seas, 4-6 foot waves, very confused seas, very lumpy ride, wave from every which way.  Wind was on our quarter however, so that’s always good.  No GPS and there are a few shoals that need to be avoided, added some excitement.  Had all the clothes I brought on, plus a hat and gloves and was still cold.  Why do I wait so long??  Because I can’t bear to take her out, that’s why.  I need a boat in the south or a home in the south or I need to live in the south.  The older I get the tougher winter here in Chicago gets.   Pumped the oil out of the engine, pulled the jib down, and other various tasks.  My boat partner will finish most of it off Sunday when he comes down.   I have to throw in some praise for my father, what a trooper!  Thanks to him, had a great time and he made it possible.  It is fairly hard though fun (with the right attitude) work.

However, that being said, this weekend I head to colorado to climb three fourteeners, namely Mt, Oxford, Mt Belford, and Missouri Mountain.  Should be a great time.  We intend to camp at 12000 feet after summiting two peaks, then summit the third the following day.  I’m a bit behind on my goal of one fourteener each year, so this should catch me up to within a few years.  Really looking forward to it.  Again, fairly hard work but fun with the right attitude!!


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