Kayaking, trying to get my Roll

Went kayaking last night with a friend in Lake Michigan, Montrose Harbor.  We went in river kayaks, same guy I went with a few months ago.  The idea was to get my roll down.  Now I have to tell you it is scary when you are upside down under water, can’t breathe (obviously) and can’t get up easily.  At first he stood there and helped me and I did fine.  But then we went out into deeper water.  If you can’t roll you are supposed to just sit there upside down and run your hands alongside your boat, your partner runs his boat into yours and you grab it and flip up, in theory.  Didn’t work fast enough as I would nearly panic, seeing stars after I was righted.  Panic is never good in any situation so I worked on it until the panic subsided.  Eventually I got more comfortable with it and was able to roll up on my own fairly consistently, though still need some work to get it more solid.


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