Kayaking the Vermilion River

Went kayaking on the Vermillion River here in Illinois a couple weeks ago on a Thursday.  Was amazing, especially considering it was only a couple hours outside of Chicago.  Went with a friend I met on the rafting trip in Wisconsin who had an extra kayak for me to borrow.  Class 2 and easier class three rapids – the river was running high and fast.  The start was into some fairly fast-flowing water – took some courage, but all was well.  Turned out I never actually went over, which impressed me.  The boat I had was very stable, and I’ve been a few times before out in colorado so wasn’t a total newbie.  I really enjoyed it after I calmed down.  Was fun to get out and walk the rapids before we ran them in the boats.  I’m pretty excited to go again.  I never did get up the courage to try a roll, even with Pete there to help.  Next time I’ll do it.  There was a very cool canyon up into Matheson state Park – felt like Venezuela or something – very overgrown, 30-40 foot high cliffs on both sides, we paddled slowly up the standing creek.  Quite cool.  Can’t wait to go back.  Met a guy who canoed a river called the Bureau – I’d like to try that one of these days.


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