Climbing at Mississippi Palisades

Spent the weekend climbing and camping at Mississippi Palisades State Park – MPSP for short.  Very cool place, great campground and pretty terrific climbing considering it’s only 3 hours from Chicago.  Got on some good routes and had a bunch of fun.  We also dragged my buddy’s canoe all the way out there and back – without putting it in the water.  Kind of funny.  The last day we were planning on canoeing but the wind was too strong for Lisa’s taste so we decided not to and went for a hike on a little trail through the marshlands of the Mississippi – quite cool, lots of birds.  We also saw some white pelicans – who knew we had pelicans this far north and inland?

Checked out Galena and had dinner there, quite a beautiful and prosperous town, the land around it on the drive in was idyllic – big rolling hills and nice neat farms off in the distance.  We ate at a bar advertising the city’s best burgers – false advertising – or if that’s the best Galena’s got I’m sorry for them.

Major storm Sunday night – was something – we crashed in the car just in case – judging by the pools of water in the tent that was the right call.  The lightning was just about constant – so amazing – flash after flash in the clouds, very pretty.


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