Whitewater rafting in Wisconsin

It was amazing!  So much fun – class I II and III+ – terrific.  We got to go in three-man boats – no guide, so it was really fun being in control and trying to read the river.  So many people got flipped in the different rapids – and they were actually pretty big and intimidating considering it was Wisconsin  I was duly impressed.  Tried the one-man rafts also – got flipped and learned some respect for the power of the river.  Very cool.  And I know lots of other folks did as well.  Had about 30+ from church, and I’d say it was a resounding success.  Big barbecue afterwards.  we actually ran the river twice.  It’s called the Peshtigo and we stayed at WildmanRanch, got four cabins.  I actually didn’t get a bed and slept outside two nights – but I had a winter bag so it was great, under the stars the first night, then on a covered porch for a rainy second night.  Monday a small group of us went and rafted the Menominee with Tarka -the 8th ranked rafting guide in the world, he was from Nepal which happens to be my favorite country in the world, so it was fun saying Namaste and chatting in the tiny bit of Nepalese I know.  It was cold and rainy and there were actually three very cool girls and 3 guys – super fun, we got along great.  The river was right on the border of the upper peninsula of Michigan.  It was about 7 times larger than the Peshtigo, and the rapids were class 4 – we did them twice.  Giant waves swamped the boat but it eventually drained out.  Monday the executive staff from Park came up – so much fun hanging with them, they were terrific.  Had a blas and rafted the peshtigo yet another 2 times – again really fun and a great day – swam when I was in the one-man ducky.  Sort of scary actually.  Which is good for you in my opinion – forces aa bit of courage and fear-fighting, always a good skill to have.


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