Mountain biking, sailboat hull waxing

Got out mountain bking for the first time in quite a few months, went with my usual biking partners Kevin and Jon.  Pretty spur of the moment on Saturday.  Went out to Palos about 30 minutes from downtown Chicago.  Really actually decent biking out there, it’s always time well spent.  Trails were prett muddy in spots but quite ridable all in all.  Great to get outdoors, get the heart pumpin’, spend some time with the guys.  I am outta shape but getting back into shape.  Made it to the gym Saturday for a heavy lifting session, hard for about 30-40 minutes, sore today.  I love the bench press and am starting to up my weight again, it’s fun.

Did some solid work on my sailboat today with my boat partner, was fun and tiring.  Holding a heavy waxing drill deal with a spinning head on it that’s plugged in and pressing it hard against the side of the boat until it shines is hard work.  My dad came down to help, actually he did most of the hardest work.  Great guy, fun to spend time with him, he has a great sense of humor.  Good to be on the boat again, I’m looking forward to the season.  Chatting with my boat partner we’re planning to do more long trips this year, so maybe the boat will be left in Grand Haven or Milwaukee or somewhere for a few weeks, will be fun to have a pseudo-summer place on the beach.

Spent a bunch of time at my sister’s place with my two nieces and my folks, as my sis and bro-in-law were off to the Caymans to visit my cousin and my parents babysat.  My nieces are amazing.


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