I swallowed the tip of a knife

 I have been trying this new breakfast with egg whites, spinach and salsa, yum and healthy.  However the spinach I have is a frozen block, so I pull it out and repeatedly stab it with a knife until pieces break off and I put them in the bowl and microwave them.  I came home yesterday and saw the knife – with the tip broken off.  I microwaved the chunk of spinach until it melted and went through it piece by piece, rubbing it between my fingers looking for the chunk of sharp metal.  I must have gone through it five times, but no knife blade tip.  Growing more nervous I checked the web – found some reassuring info that even needles can pass through you, as well as broken glass, rings, and other crazy objects.  Perforations are rare but not unheard of.  I decided to go to the ER.  The nurse laughed when she saw the knife.  As did the doctor, so I figured I was in good shape.  The doc and I discussed doing an x-ray, but it would have been extra money on top of the $450 I spent to walk in there, and really they couldn’t do much anyways, so I went home.  And am still alive to talk about it!  The doc said I’d have pretty severe pain if things went bad, then it would be worth coming back in.

Me and the missing knife tip...

Me and the missing knife tip...


49 Responses to I swallowed the tip of a knife

  1. CRODGY says:

    I can’t believe you spent $450 and didn’t even let them do an xray… at that point, whats a few extra dollars to save yourself from internal bleeding?

    Great story though! I’m laughing out loud at you still.

  2. forexctas says:

    Ha… agreed… but the doc was like, “well even if it’s in there, we can’t do anything for you.” So I figured may as well save the $$. Though the xrays would be pretty cool to have!

  3. forexctas says:

    Update -> I am still living!

  4. Fellow knife swallower says:

    I found your blog coz I think I may have swallowed a tip of the knife too! Been searching around as to whether I should go to the doctor. You seem well =P

    • forexctas says:

      Ha – yes I’m ok! No worries – the doc told me people have swallowed glass chunks and pins with no ill effects – amazing. I hope you are well.

  5. Liz says:

    Wow I felt like I was the only person around with this problem. I think I just swollwes d tip of a knife. It was a really tiny part I’d say about 3cm not that big. I ate a mango n stabbed it with a knife anyways idk what to do I haven’t that money for the ER sooo I’m guessing asking as I am not in MAJOR pain I’ll be ok..

  6. Loz says:

    Lol! This is great, and proof that I am not the only drama queen out there >_< I discovered one of our sharp knives was missing the tip also… There is no evidence that it has been eaten by anyone, but I've been freaking out about it ever since! The piece missing is probably no bigger than 2mm… but I was so worried that I must have swallowed it…Then you start thinking what if it pokes through my stomach and gets in my blood stream or just floats around in there forever and kills me somehow… – I have to say I feel a lot better after reading this 😀

  7. Adrienne says:

    LOL I was preparing dinner today and a piece of the knife broke off so I looked for it and never found it…I bet the piece flew off somewhere…I spent the dinner staring at my mother, stepfather and my 1 year old (I checked her food careful of course) wondering when someone was going to be in horrible pain…I was thinking man I should have just threw that roast away but who can afford to throw food away now with this economy. I am sure we’ll be ok but I still hope if anyone ate it…it was me

  8. Nikolai says:

    Lol, it seems this is the place for “I swallowed the tip of knife” community to gather 🙂 Count me in – I have a ceramic knife and today I noticed that about a scale worth of the blade is missing … tried sweeping the floor several times – no result … freaked out and googled what to do – found this page 🙂 Hopefully my story will have a happy ending like yours ppl here 🙂

  9. Adrienne says:

    ya everyone that ate that dinner is still alive and well….so you should be ok

  10. debel says:

    I think I swallowed the tip of a knife on Saturday. Today is Monday and I am getting bit paranoid about pressure around the stomach :S

  11. Apple says:

    Add me to the mix. I was putting away my Shun chefs knife and – well, the tip is gone and nowhere to be found in the kitchen! This is the knife-tip-eating support group.

  12. Matt says:

    I’ll join the “swallowed the tip of knife” community. I just went to cut out my second piece of not-quite-thawed-out-pie and found somewhere between cutting out the first and second piece… you guessed it… the tip of the knife has magically disappeared. In the hopes that it somehow ended up in the bottom of the pan, the remainder of that pie is now destroyed, and no tip was found. Three things immediately came to mind. 1) I need to chew my food better 2) I can’t be the only person to do this and it must not be that serious because it’s been awhile since I’ve heard a news story of death-by-knife-tip-swollowing, and 3) I hope it comes out as easily as it went in!

  13. Howard says:

    well i found my tip in the piece of chicken the maid cut . I was eating it and felt something hard as a bone . I spat out all the contents on paper and saw this tiny shiny object amount the chewed chicken. Examined it and saw it was a knife tip so went to the kitchen so hund it owner . Matched the tip and knife but wondered if its the only knife the maid used to cut it. She said it was but now I am ocd if any other chips went down. Chew your food properly and if you feel hard objects on your teeth then spit out!!

  14. Rowan says:

    Yep another honorary member here. Used knife almost exactly the same as the one pictured and lost the tip again just about the same size as the one missing in the pic. Was making my new 2012 health regime ultimate green veg smoothie when I thought id help it along in the blender with a few quick stabs of the blade. Didn’t notice that the blend chopped off the tip. One big glass for me one big glass for my girlfriend and let the russian roulette games commence! That was this morning its 4:30 now. I think were ok so far.

    So Im very reassured by your doctors response.

  15. One more for the list. Mine was a tiny, 1 to 2 mm tip off a cutco knife the ended up in guacamole. Cut the roof of my mouth, did a bunch of spitting immediately, but could not find the culprit, knife check then discovered the tip was missing. That bugger is sharp. I hope I spit it out and just couldn’t find it.

    • CentralPAchris says:

      FYI I lived, no ill effect other than the roof of mouth cut and a bit of worry for a day or two.

  16. Tea says:

    Ok so I’m not the only one. Before dinner my knife had a tip and during wash-up I noticed it’s gone. Was cutting up cheesy chicken so it could have easily gotten stuck in the pieces. Just spent the last hour freaking out cause I am 99% positive my bf or I swallowed it. Tried throwing up my dinner in hopes of getting rid of it but I wouldn’t know if it came up or not. Nice to hear you’ve all survived, but I will be really nervous for the next few days. Someone mentioned internal long would you survive once that started?

  17. P Busch says:

    I was using my ceramic knife to peel a pineapple, I ate a big bowl of it. When cleaning up the kitchen I noticed apiece of the tip missing. , it is pretty big….I panicked thinking I may have swallowed it….I dug through the whole trash sack, what a mess, and did not come up with anything….now I am thinking I am gonna bleed to death in my sleep….feeling something in the back of my throat…geez…..your mind can really play tricks on you….looked on the net and found this site…..I feel a little better now…I believe my piece of knife was pretty big…..I guess I will find out …

  18. MonkeyMan says:

    LOL one more person joining the club. was cutting, and eating a coconut. then saw the tip missing. Panicked and found this blog. Now i am very relaxed.

  19. Zack says:

    *raises hand* Yep, here’s to us: the few, the proud, the too hungry to notice… Cheese and crackers should not amount to fearing for one’s life. The thing is, I was just chomping bites straight out of the block of cheese before my jerk brain decided, “Hey, you could cut it into perfect little slices and make cool little cheesy sammiches!” It was cheddar bliss until that horrible moment, like the violin screech in horror movies, when I realized why the back of my throat felt scratchy. I might just throw away the rest of my knives and go on a finger food diet. Thanks for this post.

  20. Guru says:

    🙂 are all you guys alive still? I am joining this group;-)

  21. Lou says:

    Google is truly amazing. I was also cutting and eating a coconut. I noticed about a 1 cm chunk of the knife blade was missing after I ate a few pieces. There was something scratchy in my throat on the last piece. Could have been part of the rind, but . . . . I found half of the missing knife blade piece on the counter, but went through the remaining coconut and couldn’t find the other piece. Oh well. All of you survived, so I figure the odds are with me.

  22. Michelle says:

    Glad I’m not alone! I just noticed the tip missing off my knife after making a huge dinner – now my dilemma is do I throw everything out and we get take out, or do we carefully eat the food since I don’t know if the knife was broken before I made this meal or not… Really hate to waste the meal, but I’d really hate to have one of us eat the steel tip. All this worry and it might have been missing for days already! You all seem to have survived

  23. ivan says:

    Another for the club, I was making a frozen pot pie that called to be vented before heating, I took a knife to it, almost shattered it. Heated it, while eating it I felt an abnormal hardness, tried to catch it and bust it up, couldn’t, slipped and swallowed, felt fine, and finished the pie.

    Was bumming around the kitchen later and needed to open up a stubborn package, grabbed the knife, and cut it open, and noticed it was missing the tip, looking just like the picture above. Downed a bottle of water. Been about 7 hours now.

  24. Alejandro says:

    A couple minutes ago, I was using a needle as a toothpick, and the tip broke and I swallowed it.
    I was freaking out…!
    Fortunately after reading all your posts, I feel better know.
    thanks to everyone.

  25. evelev85 says:

    Several Christmases ago my cat batted a Christmas ornament off the tree, and my dog promptly fetched/chewed it, possibly swallowing some glass. I called the vet in a panic and they said she would likely pass it, but to be on the safe side, they recommended feeding her a mix of cotton-balls and canned cat food. They said the cotton would wrap around the glass and allow her to pass it comfortably. She gladly ate the cat food and pooped cotton for a month, but had no complications.

    Fast forward to today. In the middle of breakfast I noticed the tip of the knife missing. It may have been gone the whole time, but I feel like I would have noticed when I used it to cut a pad of butter. Pretty sure I swallowed it. I’m tempted to try the cotton balls (I think models do this), but I’m reassured by all the “I ate metal and all I got was this t-shirt” stories. Thanks for saving me a trip to the ER (for today anyway).

  26. ftsa9158 says:

    I was making biscuits and gravy. I couldn’t open the roll of biscuits, so I took a knife to it. The tip broke off at the top of the roll. I threw away the top two biscuits just in case. I can’t find the knife tip. I chewed carefully while eating , but am scared I swallowed it. This thread makes me feel a bit better.

  27. elz1970 says:

    I was separating frozen veggie burgers with a ceramic knife.. we grilled them and got the rest of our supper ready. I ate two of them (no one else ate them) while cleaning up I noticed that a small tip of the knife was missing. I also went through all of the garbage, and the two remaining burgers, searched the counters and swept the floors looking for the tip no luck. I did not feel anything sharp or hard when eating so hope I did not swallow it. But it does make me feel somewhat better after reading all of your stories. I guess time will tell!

  28. kurtis says:

    I was cutting a block of chocolate with a knife and when I finished eating, I noticed the tip was missing. Out of paranoia, I started coughing. I still don’t know if I ate the missing tip.

  29. Raya Heart says:

    I was making a smoothie this morning, pushing the apple pieces down towards the blender blades – with the knife I was using!, having blind faith in my coordination to know how far down to push. Well, this time the knife did hit the blades. The knife is fine. The smoothie is thick and green. I noticed some wear & tear on the top two blades; maybe they were there prior, maybe it happened just now. Panic led to google. Moral for this “tip of the knife” club member is: never again with a knife; and maybe it’s time for a fancy juicer. Still deciding whether to have the smoothie or not … Thanks for posting!

  30. ppom4329 says:

    I too am concerned I might have swallowed the tip of a knife. I cooked a baked potato in the microwave and sliced it up in the bowl that I cooked it in. I ate the whole potato before I realized the end of the knife I used was chipped. It was a triangular piece about 2 mm long. What concerns me is that this is a ceramic knife, made of Zirconium Oxide, from an Asian manufacturer. After googling I have found many complaints about the knife, one common one being “the knife chips” or “cracks”. I have no pain, but I don’t think this ceramic knife chip would show up on an ex-ray if I had one. I have not found the tip of the knife yet. And although I also have not found anything on the web stating whether or not a person can digest zirconium oxide in ceramic form, I would feel much better about this if the human body could do so.

  31. Rui Santos says:

    Boy, i thought “will i even find something on this subject” when i googled this issue. And here lies one more. Frozen food, knife broke, couldnt find the metal piece and ate that food 6 hours ago. I felt nothing on my throat and i was fine until i remembered it! now i feel a pressure on my stomach, probably the anxiety of not knowing if i ate it, but i cant be sure if i am really having any pain, so i probably must not be having anything but paranoia… crossed fingies

  32. nightcoals says:

    I got one of those Styrofoam boxes of frozen meats in the mail as a gift. So, a month later, when I decided it was a good night for a barbecue, I then fired up the little grill. Well, since I couldn’t find my scissors, I grabbed a sharp steak knife to slide under the plastic wrap around the meats and slice some vent slots for the microwave defrosting… And you know what, frozen meat is almost as hard as rock I found out, because, after I was done cooking 4 beautiful tender steaks over hot red coals… I discovered the knife tip had gotten broken preparing the steaks. I’m glad that I noticed the broken knife when I grabbed the two other pork chops that I really hadn’t planned on cooking that night, or I would have never discovered the missing knife tip… So, after being a little confused at that ‘point’, and thinking we had eaten the knife tip already, I suddenly realized that it hadn’t broken off on the ground steak, only on the real steaks afterwards… sadly, I had to dispose of the delicious looking tender steaks… You know, I don’t know if there was a chance it could get lodged in my gut, and you know, you never know if you ever will need an mri in the future, and they are magnetic to little metal pieces in our bodies… I do feel more confident now, also, just by using common sense I realized that more likely than not, any small thing would probably just get carried through the body anyway… It’s just obvious to me now, that frozen foods can break off metal knife tips so easily, maybe there should be idiot warnings on frozen packages, oh well… glad to see that all you are ok on the other write ups… I once swallowed a half inch sheet metal screw as a kid, probably just went on through too, the doc wasn’t too concerned about it, but I think he did take an xray…

  33. zuzurino says:

    So I was toasting some bagels in my toaster, I toke them out of the toaster with a knife. Only to find out that the tip of my knife was gone afterwards it was only around 2 cm. I couldn’t decide whether to eat the bagels and take the risk of eating the tip of the knife or to just throw away 4 perfect bagels… im still deciding :(( send help, or a metal detector

    • zuzurino says:

      It’s been roughly 30 minutes, I’ve eaten all of the bagels. At first I began feeling something scratch agaisnt the top of my throat, but as I kept eating I found out it was just paranoia acting in and nothing really hurt. I’m pretty sure everything is okay, whether I ate it or not I’m certain a 2 cm knife tip would be too small to cause any significant damage so thats a relief.

  34. Genevieve Brown says:

    Thank you for your story! I did just the exact same thing 😦 panic attack ensued, but your story calmed my nerves.

  35. I feel so much better after reading this wow coconut butter needs to not be stabbed with an old shitty knife . Still not sure if it was swallowed because coconut better melts in your mouth, but hopefully it’s not hanging out around anywhere else.. my throat is itchy. Thanks for this post!

  36. geneclimbs says:

    I laughed at this so much, I guess I’m welcome now to the club: was cutting food and noticed the blade went missing. I look around everything and haven’t been able yet to find it. I wonder if it was worth not eating the food. But, after reading this I just will be careful while eating it and if something fishy happens after. Thanks!!

  37. Chris25 says:

    @axuan25 joined #ISwallowedAPieceOfKnife

  38. Alina says:

    I had same thing recently, but I found tip of knife in my mouth while chewing. This is so bad. I’m anxious, scared, stressed even after few days. I got emotionally traumatized because of it. Knifes are not supposed to be broken while cooking the food. How you overcome it? Weren’t you scared of cooking again?

  39. Fiona says:

    This swallowed-knife-tip support group totally cracked me up. Had been pretty anxious searching for what to do online, so you can imagine what a relief and much-needed laugh this gave me. Still not sure if my husband or I swallowed the missing tip of the knife he used to slice the bread this morning, but keeping fingers crossed. Hope we’ll survive like all of you seem to have. 🙂

    • Fiona says:

      It’s been 3 days, and happy to report that we’re still alive. 🙂 No bloody stools, no pain, nothing. Just morbid imaginations that didn’t come true. Thanks again for this knife-tip eaters support group. 🙂

  40. Josef Messer says:

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  41. Chip says:

    Just dropped a ceramic bowl and spilled a bunch of food onto a clean surface, so like the feral animal I am I scooped the food back in and ate it. Only afterwards did I notice a giant chip in the bowl, and no fragments anywhere. A Walter White /Crazy 8 moment. I definitely swallowed it. Currently feeling fine. Will check in in 72 hours to provide yet another survivor story for this hilarious accidental glass swallower support group.

  42. Luis RODRIGUEZ-GUEVARA says:

    Hey this just happened to me. But it eas was with a frozen hotdog. I was eating and I noticed it. But un sure if i ate part of the tip if of the knife. Are you ok. Freaking nervous. Ant tips. Email me at

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