Back from the Islands, British colonialism

Great trip to Jamaica and Grand Cayman.  Terrific people and such a laid back atmoshpere.  Great to unwind for a bit on the beach.  Didn’t do much, some snorkeling, watched some beach volleyball, drank some mudslides, saw my very cool and fun cousin Megan on Grand Cayman where she lives.  Met her boyfriend.  He and I went to the local rugby pitch on Saturday to celebrate St Patty’s day with all the Irish, Brits, Aussies, Kiwis, South Africans, and Americans on the island, all living there and almost all doing some sort of financial work running or supporting hedge funds.  I always find the british colonies fascinating – so many countries have a british influence and it’s so interesting to see what has developed in each, in terms of sports, economies, governments, and education.  Seems many of the very successful economies were founded by the brits, including Hong Kong, America, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Grand Cayman, even India, whose national language is English and still runs a british system of education and democracy, who knew?  Jamaica too, was once heavily influenced by the brits, same with obviously the british Virgin Islands. 

Monday evening I returned to Jamaica from Cay-man (that’s how they say it down there), Tuesday I traded a bit from beside the pool and made enough to pay for the trip, had I actually paid for it and not my potential clients.  At 9:30 I started looking for a ride to climb the highest peak on the island, not possible, was a day and a half deal, so I settled on a drive up to Strawberry Hill, $90 with a Jamaican driver and included a ride to the airport.  Was a fun drive and an amazing resort/spa.  It is owned by music mogul Chris Blackwell who produced all of Bob Marley’s stuff as well as 8 of U2’s albums, Melissa Etheridge and many more.  Got lucky and a worker at the estate took us around and showed us the room that  Prince Charles had stayed in the previous weekend!  And all sorts of nooks and crannys that most don’t get to see.  The view was amazing and the ambience especially soothing.  Weather and temperature were perfect.  So relaxing.  See the video for a taste of this place:

And a tour of the house Prince Charles of Wales stayed in last weekend in Jamaica:

On Grand Cayman the highest point is actually the dump – so I improvised – here’s a shot of me on what could very well be the highest point:

Me on the high point of Grand Cayman

apparently in Hurricane Ivan a few years ago the entire island was underwater, I read a story of peoplle having to bail out their houses…  not sure that really makes sense, but that’s what the story said.  couple photos of myself, my cousin, and her South African boyfriend George on the beach.  Good times!  Favorite bar was Royal Palm, right on seven mile beach with a ton of beach chairs, good music, good bands, rocking day and night, or not rocking, but chill and cool and fun and not cheap.  Yummy mudslides.  Here’s some pics

Megan, George and I on Seven Mile beach

Meg and I


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  1. goosh, i wished you had looked me up. i could have taken you there and back in 8 hours. next time huh? glad tohear you fun in the island of the sun.

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