Jamaica bound

I am going to Jamaica Thursday.  For work.  That doesn’t suck.  Can you believe that?  They wanted to fly me down Thursday, back Saturday.  I’m like, er, can we stretch that out a bit?  I have a cousin in the Caymans, maybe I shoot over and see her….  And they were very cool with it, so Thurs-Tues I’ll be in the Carribbean, how cool is that?  I think I’ll get two of my three foreign mountain climbs out of the way for the year.  I’m two years behind – try to do a foreign peak and a domestic peak each year.  We’re backed up a bit so I’ll get it done.  Jamaica actually looks fairly serious (considering it’s on an island), a couple thousand feet of elevation gain, should be fun – I will probably leave around 3am and summit around sunrise.  That’s the plan anyways, we’ll see if it’s anywhere near Kingston, which I believe it is.  Then will see my fun and cool cuz Megan for a few days on Grand Cayman.  Supposedly a huge St Patty’s day party on Saturday that I’ll be there for.  Good times!  Maybe climb the high point of the island Monday.


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