Favorite Chicago Brunch Spots

I love a late breakfast on Saturday or Sunday morning with friends.  My favorite places in Chicago are as follows:

Wishbone – I like the one in the west loop.  Terrific outdoor seating in the summer, yum crabcakes, cheese grits, thick toast, poached eggs, fresh orange juice.  Has a very cajun or southern flavor to it.  Waitstaff I’ve always found fun and friendly and efficient.  Always a pleasure and a great experience to eat there.

Lou Mitchell’s – a bit west of downtown, this is an institution.  Girls get a small box of milkduds, everybody can eat donut holes whil you wait for a table.  Waitstaff has been there forever, very much a diner feel but with  something extra, not sure what it is but the food is good, quick and plentiful.

Orange – I’ve only been to the one up north near Belmont.  Frushi?  Sushi made with fruit.  Two gay guys own it, and they do an amazing job.  All sorts of extras to add on to your meal, fun, funky atmosphere.  French toast is delicious.  Lots of innovative and different dishes, you won’t be bored there, lots of different and exciting things.  Cucumber slices in the water.

Tweet Let’s Eat – was just there this morning.  I forgot what a treat it is.  Free coffee at the hilariously named “Big Chicks” bar which is attached while you wait.  Choice of fresh fruit with every meal – definitely get it – big ripe red thinly sliced strawberry on top, blueberries, blackberries, pineapple, cantaloupe, raspberries… yum yum yum.  Everything is organic, if possible, and healthy as they can make it.  Granola was terrific, served with a giant side of honey.  Water carraffe on the table which I always love.  About 6 different kinds of sugar packets to choos from, including stevia, which I’d read about but never had.  5 or 6 different flavors of tabasco sauce, hostess is the owner and is ebullient and gives off a great energy, makes you happy to see her.  Staffed with lots of lesbians, a friend of mine from the climbing gym works there.  Cool artwork on the walls, dishes named after artists, lots of boardgames.  They thought of everything and take care of lots of details day in, day out.  Yum.

Where am I missing?  Anybody else have favorite places I need to try?


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