Winter Beach Hike ON Lake Michigan

Did a hike up and down the beach with my buddy Jason today.  It was so beautiful.  The ice was way way out into the lake – I’ve never seen it that far out.  We made our way as far out as we dared – felt like the pictures and documentaries I’ve seen of guys crossing the arctic – broken, jagged pieces of ice and snow we worked our way around and over.  We didn’t see any actual open water, but the ice was clearly thinner with no new snow on top of it.  Big icebergs were visible in the distance.  We walked up the beach about 3 miles, then back.  We started at a public access over a little north of New Buffalo.  Great way to spend a day, get some outdoors time.  See the pics below.

Myself and Jason on the ice

Jason on the Ice

Pretty shot from Shore


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