Aspen snow was DEEP

Best snow year since ’83-’84?  Some say since the resort opened?  Skiing was terrific.  Great conditions.  Tons of fun.  Flew in direct to Aspen for $299, somehow got randomly upgraded to first class, can’t complain about that.  Got in Friday morning, Mom picked me up and was eating lunch at Gwyn’s on the mountain at noon – after waking up in Chicago at 6… how cool is that?  Beats flying into Denver and driving 2 hours or so to the slopes.  Also skiied a full day Monday and was home in bed by 11.  So four days of skiing in… four days!  Good deal.  Family was great, stayed at the Snowmass club in a beautiful 4 bedroom condo.  My little nieces were there and so much fun, and my sis’ in-laws who are terrific people.  We go out every year, both families.  I love the mountains.  Something spiritual, relaxing about them that really does me good.  Aspen in my opinion is very laid-back despite all the money – it’s like people have so much money they don’t need to flaunt it or something.  Vail is the opposite, I feel like it’s nouveau-riche who are showy and feel like they need to prove something with their wealth, I don’t think I’m the only one who has noticed the difference.  I’ve thought it for years, and again these last few weeks noticed again.

Scott and I skiing Snowmass

Scott and Michelle apres ski

Skiing at Snowmass


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