How’s yer Aspen

Heading to Aspen tomorrow morning early to ski.  Managed to get a direct flight from Chicago for $299 last week, how great is that?  My family, sis, nieces, brother-in-law and all my sisters inlaws will be there.  All terrific people, great skiers, and fun.  Always a great time, we go every year.  Really looking forward to it.  My brother-in-law and his brothers like to hike/snowcat to the more serious terrain at Aspen Highlands, and I’m always games for that.  Aspen’s such a great town.  We’ll actually be staying in Snowmass, but I’m sure will be skiing all over and eating and hanging out in the city some.  Woody’s tavern I’m sure will be visited.  All good!  I should be in shape from the Talon’s Challenge a few weeks back but haven’t been to the gym much since – hopefully some has carried over.

 Check this video spoof out on mountaineering – these dudes are hard core…


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