Talons Challenge

Was in Vail last weekend.  Skiied the Talons Challenge – what a great time.  Thirteen black and double black runs in one day, 23,000 feet of vertical.  Was quite sore and slept really well that night.  Got a free beer, brat, hat and pin, plus got my name on a plaque for all eternity.  Did the event with two fraternity brothers.  We had a great time. 

My Talon's Challenge Card

My Talon's Challenge Card

I had my skis tuned the night before, and they actually de-tuned them, so they were like skiing on rounded edges, no purchase on ice whatsoever.  Made for some extra challenges.  I’ve been skiing since I was seven, lived in Colorado for five years, and raced on the ski team in high school, so can get around all right on the slopes.  Had a discussion on religion in the bar after, my good friend Paul is very liberal and a great debater, always have terrific discussions with him.  Stayed in my buddy Brinks’ (known as Stinks or stinky all through college-his wife isn’t too enamored with the nickname, however it is appropriate, especially at altitude) in-laws place in Edwards, several million dollar joint and wonderful people to stay with, warm friendly and generous.  The fellow Rich is 62 and did the Talons Challenge with us – actually faster than us as he did it with his buddy.  Amazing.  good to live in a ski town!  The event was cool – they had people at the bottom of the runs to punch your card around your neck after each run.  Also a tent with marathon-like snacks and gatorade, plus music pumping.  Was very cool, glad I got to go, have been talking about it for years.  Also was great to hang out with Stinky.  Gave him a new name, The Stink Machine, which in my opinion and his, is hilarious.  He pictures a machine with a giant crank that emits odor as you crank it, so he insists that when you call him that you make a big cranking motion. 

 I booked the flight on miles – and accidentally booked out of Rockford Illinois!  Whoops.  1.5 hours from chicago by car.  Actually less, an hour twenty – and free parking.  I got a spot 50 feet from the check-in.  I think I saved money over cab fare – and the blue line to Ohare from dontown is an hour, plus the walk to the check-in is forever and then to the gate is forever, draggin skis and a heavy bag – so I think it is actually a wash – with 5 gates total at Rockford international, I was seated and ready to board in one hour forty minutes after I left my home.  And had to carry my bags and skis just a short distance.  Very cool, I’d do it again.


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