Mount Humphreys take II

No dice!  gorgeous day again, started at 6am and took a fellow from Phoenix with us who happened to be a pro photographer for a Phoenix paper, met him off this blog actually.  Terrific guy, into all sorts of adventuring.  Fun to have with us and very competent and an amazing photographer, you’ll see the pics attached.  This day was fairly windy.  We made it up to about 45 minutes from the summit, and heartbreak city – we had to turn back to catch our flight.  David continued on.  I was frustrated but oh well – I get to go back and attempt it again one day.  It was beautiful.  Stumbled upon a B-52 bomber crash site from 1944 on the way down – cool to see and it will stick with me, 8  airmen lost their lives there.

Click on some of the pics below – he’s a pro for a reason.

HumphreysJeffHumphreysSteepness on HumphreysTom Trimmer on humphreysMidget?Tom Trimmer on HumphreysDavid Wallace


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