Mount Humphrey’s, tallest mountain in Arizona

I head to Arizona tomorrow to climb the highest peak in the state.  It will be snowcovered, at least up to my waist and probably higher.  We’ll have snowshoes and winter gear, plus headlamps that hopefully we won’t need.  Should be a great time.  3500 feet of elevation gain – we’re expecting 7-8 hours round trip.  Breaking trail will be hard work.  Avalanche danger is possible with the recent giant storms out west.  And the last mile is on a very exposed ridge with wind routinely up to 80 miles and hour so I’ve heard in some accounts.  Should be a great adventure.  I tried it last year but didn’t have snowshoes – so climbed the connected Agassiz peak by walking up packed ski trails.  Only 300 feet shorter, still a good accomplishment.  This year I’ll have a partner, so that should help.  It’s been a while since I had a successful summit.  My last three have been unsuccessful, the other two being Huayna Potosi (17,000 or so) in the Andes and Mt Orizaba, highest mountain in Mexico at 18,000 feet.  Got a work conference in Scottsdale Satuday which wil be fun.  My buddy Jeff will be coming with – he’s been shut out his last two climbs as well – we hope to break the streak but won’t be foolish in order to do so – if conditions are poor always best to live to climb another day I always say.


4 Responses to Mount Humphrey’s, tallest mountain in Arizona

  1. David Wallace says:

    Did you climb Humphrey’s on Saturday? How were the conditions? I am planning to climb it on Monday or Tuesday. Any avalanche concerns?

    David Wallace

  2. Jim Morrison says:

    I’m planning on climbing Mt. Humphreys in late November or December this year (2009). Is this mountain commonly climbed in Winter? Will I need any special equipment (ice axe, crampons, wands…)? Are there avalanche concerns usually????

    • forexctas says:

      Hey Jim –

      No crampons necessary, but they wouldn’t hurt to have. I’d say it’s commonly climbed in winter, yes. Great peak, great trail, and the winter makes it an even better adventure in my opinion. There was one section where we were pretty happy to have our snowshoes and the mini-crampons on them but I wouldn’t say they are required. Also we had ski poles which helped our stability. It was very windy and ski goggles werenice to have as well. Enjoy! What other questions can I answer for you? There is a big plane crashed somewhat near the trail that is interesting to see as well.


  3. Disaster News…

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