China day 5

Been hanging out and working over in Shenyang (Shay-young), a very industrial city.  We’v ebeen trading stocks on the US exchanges so we stay up all night and sleep during the day.  Today we got up early and went to “dinner” at 8 though it was really breakfast for us.  Saw a couple’s first hoe yesterday, nice tiling and cost about 50k US, was about 30 minutes from town.  WEgot to see some shacks too, though nothing too ugle.  Lots of rubble and new buildings going up.  Many skyscrapers have all sorts of neon on them, it’s similar to Las Vegas in a way, not as much, but it’s funny to see.  People aren’t super friendly but once you break through they are great.  A little stnadoffish and not interested in helping strangers is my impression.   I haven’t seen more than a handful of other white folks in a week.  We really don’t draw much attention, especially relative to what happens in Africa or India where they openly stare.  Have had some good food hot pot today, noodles last night – or yesterday rather.  Head to Beijing after the market closes, tomorrow morning.  Having fun, great to spend time with my buddy Ty.  And fun to teach the Chinese about trading.  500+ people in the company trading stocks, making great money.  Especially by Chinese standards.


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