Bulls game with Danes, Danish perspectives on America

Went to the Bulls game here in Chicago last night with a bunch of Europeans, mostly Danish people.  Tons of fun, it was really interesting to hear their perspectives on America.  Apparently they just plain don’t have the sporting events like we do, with all the entertainment and production – laser shows, fireworks, dancers, pumping music – to get the crowd fired up.  There second biggest sport next to soccer is women’s ‘handball’ – which is played on a basketball court with a small goal at each end, how crazy is that?  On TV all the time apparently. 

 They had a very positive take on America and most responded to my “How do you like America?” with and enthusiastic “I love it!”.  We are friendlier than they expected, and they like the ‘can-do’ attitude.  That was from a big boss – he says he is very impressed by the in-grained entrepreneurship and the American dream being very much alive, in that a person growing up with no means can still become very wealthy in America – he said that would never happen in Denmark.  The girls think our fashion is terrible!  Not that I’m at all into fashion, I found that interesting.  One girl said she pretty much shops at the same chains that she does in Denmark.  She was a Korean girl who had been adopted when she was three months old to Danish parents.  A funny point/complaint from her- our sidewalks are apparently very rough on her high heels due to their uneven-ness – ha!  Denmark’s tax rate ranges from 50% to 74%….  yikes!  Tough to get wealthy.  I didn’t push too hard for negatives on America and positives on Europe – but we all know these are very numerous as well.  Long European vacations, long hours in the US, socialized/free health care, etc.

All in all a terrific night, we ate and drank until long after the game was over.  Also met a Korean guy, and an American who had spent the last nine months traveling the world.


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