Grandparents pre-WWII engagement

I’m home for Thanksgiving and the discussion around my mother’s excellent meal this afternoon revolved around my grandparent and how they met and how the relationship evolved.  They met at a church group, and dated for a while, never managed to find out how long they dated, but apparently my Grammie had a number of suitors and my Grandfather decided he’d better seal the deal.  He knew he was getting shipped off to war, who knows for how long – and engaged her the night before he left – how great is that?  They went to see “Holiday Inn” that night, apparently a great movie.  Then my Grandfather was gone for 20 MONTHS before returning to the states – lotsof letters, and then one month later they were married, pretty much strangers.  And here we are 60+ years later, both of them 92 years old and doing great.  What a terrific story.

Apparently my Grandfather had a low number in the draft so had some time to make arrangements – he applied for the navy as an officer so he wouldn’t have to go into the army – he got his commission and worked in DC and Australia as a very high level code translator.  He lived in a hotel in Melbourne for a long while, and it took them a month by boat to get there, where he apparently learned to play bridge with the dozen or so other officers.  My Grammie went to Europe in 1937 at he step-mother’s urging, and there was some risk involved, they sailed with lights off at night as Germans were sinking ships already at that time and war was imminent they figured.  She took advantage of the brief window before war to see the continent.

They proceeded to travel much of the world during their lifetimes.  I head to China in a week or so and they gave me a few places to see as they’ve been there.  Always fun to share stories.  My little nieces are running around like crazy – plenty of entertainment.

 Happy Thanksgiving!


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