International Night at the Climbing Wall

I taught climbing Monday at Lakeshore where I work two hours a week teaching climbing. I was very late and took a cab – which costs me about as much as I make during my shift. Though I got a whopping raise the other day and now reel in $7.50 an hour – look out! It’s a very cool wall, 100 feet high and it’s at a very nice gym as well. I’ve made a lot of great friends there over the years, and always have partners to go climbing outside and inseid with for that matter. Free membership to the gym, pro deals on pretty much any climbing or outside gear you can think of. It’s a cool scene, squash courts are right by the wall and the spin room is there, the wall is the centerpiece of the gym. I’ve met a bunch of great people including Jimmy Buffett, who’s climbed with me four times and calls me when he’s in town and feels like climbing – very cool guy, can’t say enough good about him. So laid back, cool, funny and fun. Hooks me up with great tickets and backstage passes most years.

Anyways! On to the particular night I’m talking about – I had three orientation right off th bat – two girls and a big fella. One girl was indian and one was Mexican, and the guy was from Holland. I had a good time teaching the three of them – it was almost easier to teach three than one actually. And then later two Spanish people showed up – it was fun being the only American, felt like I was on the road again.


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