Food and Wine Magazine MCA event

Had a terrific time at the Museum of Contemporary Art tonight with Lisa and a bunch of friends.  My sis is heavily involved in the event and she does a great job.  tons of amazing food from many of the top chefs in Chicago and wines from around the world.  Yum yum!  It’s always a terrific event with a beautiful and fun crowd.  Great to see and catch up with everybody.  It’s fun hanging out.  I feel like I’m not as polished socially – like I’m out of practice in big groups.  I had a buynch of friends there and wanted to make sure they were all introduced and got to know each other and did what I could to chat with everybody – was a good time all in all, I’ve got some fun friends.  I don’t usually have the different groups all together like this, so it was interesting.  I forgot a bunch of people’s names that I’ve known for so long – gotta sharpen up my brain somehow.  Maybe improv classes at second City…  Walked by there just now on my way to a late-night visit to Walgreen’s – I’ve beenout of toothpaste for 3 or 4 days now – been borowing from my guests or squeezing the last teeny bits from the travel-size Tom’s of Maine I dug up.  Had to make the midnight run for toiletries, couldn’t take it any longer.


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