Beautiful hike in Palos, sharing stories with Blunk

Lisa nad I went for a hike in Palos – we drove around the roads around the forest preserves until we found a trailhead that looked good, away from horses and mountain bikers.  We got lucky, the trail was beautiful!  Up a ridge, through all different terrain and flora and fauna, some dense thickets, some forest, some prairie/open fields.  The leaves were turning and were showing reds, oranges, yellows, and there was still plenty of green in places.  Met a neat guy, drunkard by his own admission, who rides horses across countries!  Frank was his name, super nice fellow, has been across Spain, Sweden, Peru, the US and other countries.  Cool guy, gotta love adventurers like that.

Went to church this morning and made it to the gym.  Out late last night with Scott Blunk, my adventure buddy from way back.  We told tons of stories about our worldwide adventures.  Snowshoeing across Rocky Mountian National Park and digging a snowcave, sailing his boat from Cleveland to Detroit and beyond, Safaris in Cameroon and visiting the sahara, Safaris and trekking in Nepal together, having the shits in Bombay and Delhi and suffering through a 60-hour train ride.  Great times, was really good to see him. He motivates me to get out and do cool stuff.


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