Speeding tickets, Fall colors, North Carolina

My buddy Bryan and I drove from Asheville to Roanoke yesterday to meet with a money manager.  I went down a few days early to hang out with Bryan and his family.  We were up at 6 to play racquetball, then drove four hours to Roanoke Virginia.  The colors were absolutely stunning – reds, oranges, yellows, and greens – all shades.  And big rolling hills and mountains.  Bryan got pulled over and made a heroic exit off the highway to avoid the police, but was unsuccessful.  $200 dollar ticket for 87 in a 65.  I took over driving and dropped the speed significantly to the mid 70s.  But I STILL got pulled over!  For 74 in a 65!  So two tickets in one short trip.  Anyways we made it to our appointment safely, and 3 hours back to Charlotte and a plane flight back to Chicago and all is well. 

Asheville was very cool – all about lifestyle, climbing, mountain biking, hiking, etc.  Loved it there.

After rockclimbing so much last week and craning my head to look up, I have a bruise or weird pain on the back of my head and neck.  Yesterday it seemed to spread to the side of my head and face and was a numbness and slight pain.  And have gotten a bunch of bumps on my cheek.  My buddy Spencer is a doctor and happened to call last night – shingles it sounds like, or just something that will go away in time.  I do have red itchy bumps on the backs of both legs too, not sure what that’s from.  Weird. 


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