Red River Gorge

Climbed again today – and ouch.  Got on Eye of the Needle at Funk Rock City, an 11b I believe.  My body is not in shape or not built for so many days of climbing in a row.  My elbow tendons got really bad today, causing me pain for probably 30 minutes after the climb.  Ouch!  Tried ‘Hardcore Jollies’ but backed off, pain.  Looked at ‘Prime Directive’, what a gorgeous line that is, big pointed overhanging arete with a very heady move near the top with a giant potential fall out into space.  Very cool.  My friend Peter gave “Oragnge Juice” (12c) a solid shot but no success, it’ll be there next year.  My climbing interest doesn’t take me a full week, I don’t totally lose interest, but 2 or 3 days is enough for me.  I like too many varied activities.  If we could throw in hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, or something that’d break things up.  So many people love love climbing, and I’ve met some great folks at the crags and at Miguels, plus the five guys I’m with.  It’s been a very cool experience climbing for 7 days straight, and I’m glad I did it.  Doubt I will do it again however, or at least I will be in far better shape before I show up.  I sure would have loved to put up another 12, a good friend of mine Dustin got his first 12 yesterday, ‘Wild, Yet Tasty’, and he got it in an smooth controlled way, was great to watch him.  It was fun as he was there for my first (and only) 5.12 send of my favorite ‘Velvet Green’.


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