Climbing, Sailing, Partying

Yesterday I sailed my boat from Monroe Harbor, Chicago to Hammond/Crowleys where she was pulled out of the water by a huge machine and placed on her cradle for the winter. My Dad and boat partner came with. We had a gorgeious sail down, 12 knots out of the east, reach. Nearly rana aground as my dad pointed out a buyo and I watched the depth gauge go from 20 to 6.6 in a few seconds – gave it the quick “coming about!” and no problems. Unfortuantely a few nights before the boat “Jason” was lost on the rocks very near to there, at night in 10 foot seas and 30+ knot winds. They lost a man overboard and in an attempt to recuse him were blown into the breakwall. 3 of the four crew perished, even though all had life jackets on. Dangerous business, this sailing. We will miss the ship and the sailors who were lost, our prayers go out to them and their families. Sobered our trip up a bit, and also increased our appreciation for life and adventure and the opportunities we have. We managed to get he boat pulled out of the water even though no other boats were pulled that day – my dad sweet talked them and had a positive atttude., amazing.

Last night went out with all of Lisa’s girlfriends, and me, was a blast, they are all so cute and fun and happy.  We were out until about 1 and all were dressed up, me and five girls, good times.

Got a wedding tonight of a good buddy, we ran around together when we were both very single.  Should be a blast.  Tomorrow I take a group from church mountain biking, sounds like about ten of us.  And then tomorrow evening I’m off to the Red River Gorge for a week of climbing!  I can’t believe it – I’ve never spent so much time climbing, we’ll see if I get bored or super-into it or what, or just totally enjoy myself.  We shall see!  Picked up a new pair of climbing shoes today.  Looking forward to it.  All is well.

This Four Hour Workweek book has had an impact – I’m trying out this work-to-live idea – we shall see how it goes.  Also booked a flight to China – my buddy has a bunch of guys trading for him over there, so he got them to fly me over there for a week in December.  If anybody knows what to do in Beijing, tips area ppreciated! 🙂


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