Hot Chicago Marathon 2007

My girlfriend did the marathon Saturday. It was crazy – so emotional for everybody, including myslef and of course her and her family as well.  Was her first one.  It was so hot, she was so exhausted emotionally and physically and mentally, at mile 13 she waved me in – I ended up walking/running with her for like 10 or 12 miles, she ran the last 1.2 on her own.  It was such an amazing experience, so much pain and excitement and human suffering and persistence and endurance.  And so much giving – many people who lived right on the course were giving away water, oranges, pretzels, cheers, and good luck.  It was really something to experience.  And we got to go through all these parts of Chicago I never knew existed, Pilsen with the Salsa dancers all decked out in their fancy dresses, UIC, Taylor street/Little Italy, IIT, amazing.  People were passed out every so often, and they eventually told everybody to walk, the race had been cancelled.  At a certain point they cut everybody off and made them walk straight to Grant Park, skipping 6 or 8 miles.  And I gotta tell you, walking and a bit of running for 10+ miles with no training isn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done.  Wet shoes from all the open fire hydrants made for some blisters and my hips and calves are sore today – motivation to get into shape.  Great mountaineering and hiking training.  What a great experience – so proud of Lisa for making it through the whole thing.  And a yummy Ruth Chris celebration afterwards.  What a day!  It was very cool how it brought the city together, and how lots of Lisa’s and my friends and both our families got involved and watched and texted and emailed and called and cheered Lisa on.  And met her in so many places on the racecourse with no little expenditure of effort.  Very moving and impressive.  May have brought a tear or two to my eyes…  but I’m still a tough strong fella!  Ha!  An interesting story Lisa tells about how she perked up a bit and finished – the Team in Training sort of motto is that the runners are choosing the pain – cancer patients don’t get a choice and suffer many days.  Lisa made a decision to stop feeling sorry for herself during the hardest part of her race – and it made all the difference, a mental switch and she was good to go and determined to make it, and she did.  Excellent!!


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