Mountain biking, Sailing and the four hour work week in Chicago

The season is winding down here in Chicago!  I’m maxing it out – took about 12 people from church out Saturday.  4 pukers, all girls which was strange, not normally like that.  Then we got into an anchorage, grilled out, swam, everybody felt better.  Then back to the harbor.  hugely successful day for the True Adventure ministry, met some very cool people that I’m sure will join us on future expeditions and adventures.   One guy has a plane he flys to go climbing – good guy.  Need to get on a trip with him to the Red. 

Sunday got out mountain biking to Pelos with 2 buddies, Jon and Kevin.  Jon was horrendously hungover, I thought he was going to die – still drunk when he got in the car.  Turns out his dog had been hit by a car the previous day –  ouch, he was bloodied up but ok.  The ride was great – gorgeous day, lots of single track, and on mostly trails I hadn’t been on before, which is amazing as I’ve been there probably 50 times to ride.  Great day, new bike performed well.

Then yesterday went sailing for lunch to think over “the Four hour workweek” and fill out some of the sheet – Tim Ferriss is amazing – lives my dream – he’s a firecracker, filled with energy, and asks so many of the right questions and articulates so many thoughts I’ve had about life, love, happiness (= excitement).  what would you do that would excite you?  Every day?  The last time I really felt like that was traveling around the world for six months – hoever it’s been 7 years since then.  I need to do some more stuff, the city doesn’t give me life all the time.  Wilderness and adventure and experiences do.  The guy I report to for True Adventure always asks “What would give you life”.  Great question.  do stuff that gives you life, excitement.  I’m working on it.  got much of my work streamlined, more to go.

Then yesterday night too 2 girls from church sailing because we didn’t have enough room for them Sunday.  Was a blast, they are hardcore christians, which is all good, from my hometown, and totally game for adventures.  They’ll be coming to more trips.

Looking into the personal assistant thing out of India – we’ll see how that goes.


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