Atlanta Day trip

So I flew down to Atlanta and back on the same day.  Makes for a long day.  I took a programmer I’d like them to hire for me down there, a Bulgarian fellow.  Not sure how well he went over.  It was fun being on the road, but that’s a long way to go in a day.  Easy travel, just 1.5 hour flight.  Was good to see my Atlanta friends, I like them a bunch.  May be better party buddies than business partners, but that remains to be seen.  We’ve made some dough together, hopefully will make more, time will tell.

All good, out with my buddy Dave for beers at Poag Mahones in a bit, 6:00, heading out of work.  I need some more people in my office that are fun and cool – gets to be a long day just emailing and talking on the phone.  Maybe I need a full-time adventure job….

Taking 13 people sailing on my boat from Church Saturday – that’ll be an adventure.  Told them we’d be out all day, sickness or not.  Hope the weather will be nice – but the ministry is about adventure, so if it’s not, that will make for a better adventure, which is what we seek out.  Can’t really control the amount of adventure you have when you’re sailing.  Unlike mountaineering, climbing or caving, you can dial up the adventure by how challenging you pick it.  Sailing it’s pretty weather or equipment related.


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