Mountain biking at Pelos

loaded up my truck with my girl, my buddy, his girl, his dog, and our two bikes and headed off to the forest preserve for some nature time.  We didn’t ride too hard but got some good time in nature, in the sun and fresh air and pretty surroundings, also a bit of a workout.  We ended up down a small singletrack which seemed to deadend into a very pretty pond, with geese and a large stork-like bird, can’t think of the name, flying in low, cool to see.  The trail seeed to end but jon, in his wisdom, led us through the tall grss.  I videoed it and anaged to wipe out on film, good stuff!  Very soft landing in thick grass.  It always feels good to me to get outdoors.  It’s peaceful, wonderful, and relaxes me.  I generally like some kind of adversity or challenge to spice things up, but that isn’t necessary.  Good for the soul.  We grubbed down on some Eatzi’s sandwiches we picked up ona  picnic table, then laid out in the sun and had some fun conversation.

Went to church tonight, Jackson was terrific as always.  HE spoke of five important things to his parishoners, volunteering, small group involvement, prayer, finances, and one other I forget at the moment.  He also talked about pride – how what we have is ours – but God brought it to us, and it’s really his at the end of the day – so be careful not to be to prideful and boastful, be chill, be cool, and be very thankful as much as possible, its a very easy way to improve your life and attitude.  Give thanks for everything you can think of that’s good – that get your brain in that mode.  Why not be happy?  Thinking of good things helps bring that about.

Good days, good life, good country, 🙂


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