Paintball in Joliet

Played paintball with a buddy, Adam’s, friends for his bachelor party.  Great time.  Really gets the adrenaline pumping.  this place has so many different courses, or fields. They have a city, a jungle, a junkyard, a small ‘speed’ course, a field with bushes.  Very fun if you’re into that kind of thing.  I did , well, shot lots of guys and got shot myself.  I’d played before so had an initial advantage.  Quite a workout – wearing heavy clothes so the sting isn’t as bad when you get shot – sometimes it will draw blood, and usually leaves a welt.  An adventure – I played hard – was out of ammo at one point and my teammate was shaking as he poured more paintballs into my gun as we were under fire at the time.  That had always been a daydream as a kid – to run out of ammo in a firefight and have to reload.  Got to live it out today.  I’m a sweaty mess and I bet I’ll be sore otmorrow from the crouching and running.  Tonight we’re heading to dinner at Scoozi’s then renting a trolley to bar hop around Chicago.  Good times.


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