Batman filming in Chicago

Today the road was blocked off right downtown where my office is – next to the Federal Reserve building and the Chicago Board of Trade, right in the heart of the financial district.  They’re filming Batman!  How cool is that?  There’s a big stage set up in the middle of the street and a bunch of police cars with GPD or Gotham Police Department on them – in intricate detail, plus Gotham city flags on the Fed and Bank of America buildings.  Fun times.  A few weeks ago there was a burned out helicopter in a parking space under the el tracks where I get off the train.  Check the pictures.

Gotham police car

Gotham police car up close

Gotham flag on the Federal Reserve building

Video of a bit of the Batman filming setup.

This weekend I have two bachelorette parties on my sailboat which is always a blast.  Sunday got a buddy coming in from Georgia who wants to head straight to “the track”, so that’ll be interesting and fun.  Tonight no plans, maybe tennis, Saturday my great buddy Dave is putting on the annual pubroll – which is bike or skate from bar to bar starting at noon.  I’ll join up with those drunken skaters later that night.  I chose the sailing with the ladies over the pubroll – some would call it sacrilege, I think it’s wise!  🙂  Have a great weekend all!


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