Wedding in Mansfield, 95 mph, lateness!

It’s bad if you’re in a wedding and you’re late for it, right?  My good friend Persephone flew in from Utah (she isn’t Mormon) and we roadtripped down to Ohio together.  What a great friggin’ time.  Persephone was in the wedding as a reader, annd we were  supposed to be there at three – or two actually for the rehearsal.  Got some differnig opinions on the time to get there, so I thought we had extra and stopped by my Grandma’s in South Bend, she’s 91 and living alone, how cool is that?  Little lonely but her house means so much to her – it was great, I’m pretty sure we made her day.  Andwe stopped by again on the way back too, she made me a couple loaves of yum succhini bread.  Anyways – so that brightening of mine and my Grandma’s day nearly cost us some major wedding-day turmoil, however after driving exceedingly fast and recklessly – and stopping in a factory parking lot to put on my suit and P’s dress – we made it at 3:05 – and people were sitll outside, wedding actually got underway at 3:30.  WHEW!  Good times – P and I were looking for a little excitement and we essentially manufactured it.

Me and Persephone at a reststop

Me Grandma and P

 Sunday hung out with Lisa and Persephone at my place – wasn’t uncomfortable and Lisa was amazing about me spending so much time with Persephone and even crashing in a flea-bag motel with her.

Monday night climbed on my shift at Lakeshore Athletic Club – I teach two hours a week on Mondays and get a free membership, pro deals, a whopping 6.75/hour, good friends, and forced discipline to climb at least once a week.  It’s great.

Tuesday took the senior staff from Park Community Church out sailing.  12 of them and little wind.  Had a few near pukers.  The pastor’s wife Donna was so terrfic, brought all sorts of yummy food presented terrifically.  Jackson ws terrific too – we pulled in the sails and prayed for about 10 minutes – pretty powerful and memorable.  Also Jackson, the senior pastor, joined me on the trip out on the tender and helped get the boat ready.  Great time with him, great guy.  got to tell him about the adventure ministry I’m running, and give him more details of the caving trip and midnight canoeing trips we’ve already done – he didn’t know about them.  Because of near-pukers we called it around seven and picnicked on shore. 

I had a work meeting that night – really meeting guys out at the bar with a Forex trading manager I work with – it was fun but I stayed out way too late with him, 3:30 am – is that nuts or what??  Made it to work on time but was draggin and stil am today.  Skipped out on sailboat racing/beer cans last night as I had a late meeting plus was beat.  Ended up going to Columbia YAcht Club with Lisa and Alli and watching the fireworks (they shoot them off every Wednesday night and Saturday night in Chicago in the summer).  Good time.  Then headed home with Lisa, had a good solid conversation, dropped Alli at her new boyfriend’s though she doesn’t call him that yet.

Heading to Dave and Buster’s for dinner and games tonight – haven’t done that in I don’t know how long.


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