Sushi at Toro

Colin at The Other Side Had sushi with Lisa’s cousin and her boyfriend, was a good time.  I like him.  He’s a pretty cool guy, talks an awful lot about all his family money when he doesn’t really work…  but was a good time after he chilled out a bit.  Then went for drinks where Lisa waitresses, “The Other Side.”  Was a good time, I drank 3 beers or so and didn’t feel too hot this morning for my breakfast with the pastor at church who I report to for the True Adventure Ministry that I run for Park.  We had a great time he’s very cool and is taking a great interest in me and really helping me develop my bible study skills and deepen my knowledge and relationship with the Lord – so rare to find someone really into it, and even more rare to find somebody I get along with that wants to hang out.  Great stuff.  He’s giving us a budget to buy tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, and other gear.  But I digress massively- Toro was delicious sushi and very different and not expensive – try it if you have a chance.

I daytrade a bit for fun and profit – today was my best day ever – how cool is that?  I’m pretty pumped about it.  It’s my third best day ever in the last two weeks.

Tonight I have the Trading Tribe – with two other traders.  I feel like after seven years I am finally getting the hang of it.  It helps to have peer pressure and it helps to have others actually care about what you are doing.  It’s been fun, and profitable.  I’ve struggled with trading for a long time, and it’s very nice to have some success.  Seven years, I deserve a little somethin’.  Check out trading tribe and Ed Seykota sometime – it’s pretty interesting stuff – the idea is to feel your feelings at the tribe meeting instead of bottling them up where they teorize they leak out and cause repeated traumas or dramas in your life, which you really don’t want, but don’t know how to stop.  We also work on getting clear on our goals – if you don’t know what you want, it’s doubtful you’ll get it.  One of the Tribe guys is great the other is a slacker imho.

I forgot – at The Other Side there is this professional lifelong bartender named Colin.  He does this amazing trick where he puts a bunch of pint glasses on the bar and balances shot glasses filled with amaretto and 151 between them.  He then dips his finger in 151 and lights it – then blows it across the glasses – they all catch on fire, then he hits the first one and they all fall into the pint glasses – it’s pretty cool to watch.  I took pictures – video would have been better now that I think of it…  Colin at The Other Side

Colin at The Other Side


2 Responses to Sushi at Toro

  1. commentor says:

    It was your best day ever and 3rd best in 2 weeks? one of those assertions has to be false.

    One of the members of your tribe is a slacker in your opinion? That seems to me to be a non-supportive attitude.

  2. forexctas says:

    Agreed – that didn’t make any sense about third day and best day ever. I’m not sure what I meant as it’s been a while now – let’s suffice it to say I had a good day trading 🙂

    And well said on not being supportive of the one tribe member… thanks for the feedback.

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