Movie in Grant Park, Butch and Sundance

What a show!  Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid – how much cooler can you get than those guys?  Bickering to the end – “You call that cover?”  You call that running?”  Great stuff.  We were originally going to go to Summerdance in the park and dance salsa with our salsa lesson friends/my climbing friends but we got the dates mixed up and there was no band- so we went to the movie in the park instead.  What a cool time – wine, Panera pizza, good, fun friends, chilling out watching a movie in the park on a blanket with the city all around on a gorgeous summer night.  Also I have my boat parking pass now – so I can park for free under Grant Park – that’s a sweet hookup.  Right by the boat, Grant Park, Millennium Park, everything.  Good stuff.  Off for sushi tonight.

Stock market was crazy today, I made money as traders should in this crazy environment, wow.

 I took a panorama of the city and the park – check it out.


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