Bachelorette parties on my sailboat

Did I tell you I do bachelorette parties on my boat?  Is that brilliant or what?  I love chicks.  Pretty much everything about them.  And I love them running around my boat having fun in bikinis and bringing alcohol to drink and food to eat.  And sometimes even laughing at my jokes.  It’s crazy fun and everybody loves it.  We do surveys afterwards and have gotten nothing but 10’s across the board.  The boat’s right in downtown Chicago, so the view of the city is incredible, sunsets are amazing, sunrises are great, sleeping on the boat is fun.  I’m out on a buoy – so it’s great to swim right in the harbor.  I’m heading out tonight with my sis and all her friends, probably ten or twelve of us.  Cool folks, it’ll be fun.  The water is amazingly warm, much warmer than even a few weeks ago.  I am the coldest guy ever when it comes to swimming – I freeze nearly immediately.  They say I have no fat – which isn’t quite true but close.  So I hop in and swim straight to the ladder and get back on board – or most of the summer I do that – now I can actually stay in without turning blue in 20 seconds.  Good times.


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