Sailing Adventure Story, Map Room Chicago, 5.12 Whipper

So I’ve written a few stories.  Check out

I’ve also written some other stories, I’ll throw those up a few at a time.

I need to get a trip planned – a bunch of buddies are going to Argentina next week to ski – I’m just not in the mood to ski in the summer – it sounds sort of cool… but not really.  I’m in beach and sail mode.  Plenty of time to ski this winter.

Taught climbing at the gym Monday – no takers!  Zero customers, oh well – I need to bang out another twelve to be a slightly more legit twelve climber – however I’m in shape to climb like 10a right now, maybe this fall I’ll take some trips and work on it.  Southern Illinois – Cranial Implosion is on my list, soft 12 some say, I’d still like to get it.  Velvet Green was my first and only 5.12 to date.  What a beautiful climb – two heel hooks and a single finger pocket going to the fourth clip.  Got it after probably twenty goes over a period of 9 months I’d say.  Took one particularly nasty fall where I caught the rope, flipped, and slammed into the wall – ow.  Nothing broken and no blood, was bruised for a week.  My belayer girl, Kristen, was a little rusty – at the one-finger crux I said “watch me” – which she interpreted as “keep me tight” – thus yanking the rope in tight when I was extremely precariously balanced, 40 feet off the deck.  The slightest pressure would have pulled me off, she essentially yanked me off and down I went.  Should not have had my foot over the rope either, got a nice rope burn along my leg, yowch.

Last night I went into a bar for the birthday party of my best bud from college, Dave.   I had biked down to the lake and gone swimming in Lake Michigan, and had left my ID in my swimsuit.  The bouncer was adamant about not letting me in (I’m 37) which is fairly ridiculous and then treated me like a criminal, making me stand outside and not letting me tell my bud.  It used to be one of my favorite bars, the Map Room here in Chicago.  The guy was such a jerk on a power trip and really got me angry – I get mad so rarely, it takes a special person and this guy pulled it off.  Anyways, on account of that the party left the bar and moved on to another place – pretty cool of everybody.  My fault for not having an ID but it could have been handled far, far better.  I doubt I’ll ever go back unfortunately.

Wednesday sailing beer can races called off tonight… what to do with the evening…


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