Retro on Roscoe

Sunday I hit the Retro on roscoe Street fair.  Second year in a row.  I went with my girlfriend and my buddy Dave from college.  It was fun – really hot, very eclectic stalls – vegan promoters, circus game booths, festival food, decent food, some fancy antique cars a bit off the main drag.  A kids band at one end, a mediocre band in the middle, and a rockin band at the other end.  A very laid-back, uncrowded, fun and slightly otherwordly atmosphere.  We wandered up the street, then back down, standing in the shade as the sun beat down on us.  Wandered into a bar and had some more beer.  I’m on a Guinness kick these days as I did some research to find out it has iron, protein (!), and carbs, as well as less calories than most beer, including many light beers.  Crazy?  And it tastes yummy.  I was so hot I walked through the dirty puddles leftover from the storm that morning in my flipflops to the amusement of my friends.  then Dave took off and we watched a really fun band – they were interesting as they did a medley – of probably 40 great songs, with only about 60 seconds for each one.  Michael Jackson, U2, Bon Jovi, ACDC, Daave Matthews, and on and on.  At one point the singer got a running start and leapt into the crowd.  He briefly sang with one girl right in front of us then turned around, noticed my girl Lisa who I must say is a bit of a hottie, and I stepped away from her.  He put his arma round her and had her sing a few choruses with him and then ran back up on stage.  She did great though was a bit embarrassed but secretly loved the attention I’m sure.  Everybody likes attention, especially girls.  And then she drove my blazer home, which she hates doing as it’s a big truck to her, with bad brakes she claims…  but she did terrific.  Got to try out my new camera too.  Good times, great festival!


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