Buoy racing, chicago, girl buys me a guinnes

For the weekend just passed, I had some fun.  We did buoy races on Saturday, two of them.  So much fun, lots of action.  I was in “the pit” running the lines for the sails, putting up the spinnaker and dropping the jib, four times, much more than a long port to port race or even the Wednesday night beer cans.  Lots of fun.  Our foredeck guy was new, so the first time everything was tangled and we lost the race, however every other time he nailed it perfectly.  It was terrific and fun.

Went out that night with a high school bud and his wife and 5 year old son for dinner.  It was a good time, but I’d say we don’t connect like we used to, not that we were ever super tight, now it’s farther apart.  As a single guy, and then that I’m an entrepreneur and he works a job – that widens the lifestyle difference.  Met up with a few buds after for beers, then to bed.  Sunday drove a couple guys to the dock to race again – I wnated to go but didn’t as I thought I was burnt out on the boring races – was too late to say “oh you know what, actually I can make it now”.  So went to a street fes t with my hot little girlfriend and my best buddy from college, we had a great time and drank some beers.  Lisa’s not drinkgin due to the marathon.  Great news, her recovery from a 16 mile run was far faster without drinking – she’s pretty excited about that.  I would love to stop drinking and partying – but it is so much fun…  I think I’m built for it.  I’ve tried so many times to stop partying – but it gets lonely and boring.  I feel like non-partiers aren’t as much fun for some reason.  May not be the case.  On-going study of mine.  Anyways I’m drawn to fun people and I think the partying generally goes along with that for whatever reason – accelerates and amplifies the fun.

Tried to go to church Sunday but go thtere as it ended – duh, messed up the time somehow.  Park changes service times a bunch.  We’ll be getting a new building soon, that will help.

Friday hung with the same high school bud and another one that lives here – we all went up to his office in the Tribune – he has fun watching the what goes on in the Intercontinental hotel rooms from his office- pointed out a guy in his underwear that night – not too exciting.

Teaching climbing tonight, looking forward to it.  And looking forward to not having alcohol tonight.  I’ve been on like a three week bender it seems – summer is like that in Chicago, everybody goes out and has a blast, then people hibernate in the winter.  It works.

Went out last Wednesday with the captain of the boat I race on, after the race.  We’re sitting there and I point out a girl who I tell him is smoking hot.  John agrees.  We were drinking Guinness.  Not more than a minute later a waiter brings over two full pints of Guinness.  From the girls.  What the…??  If I had a dollar for every time that happened to me, I’d have a dollar.  In shock, we regained our composure and then after some debate and help from our waitress decided it was our obligation to go talk with them, not the other way around.  So we did, with pleasure, and the hot one was happy to talk my ear off – she was entertaining yet plastered and seriously a babe.  Loves to ski, her dad’s a big kayaker.  Hot.  Fun night.


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