Birthday weekend – Buffett/Sailing/Party

what a weekend it’s been.  Friday at my girlfriend’s request, that afternoon I sent out a short email by her telling my friends to meet me out at Wells on Wells for some beers to celebrate my birthday.  Amazingly to me, probably twenty or so people showed up.  First the couple friends then Lisa’s girlfriends – all great girls, 24 and they love to party and are really cute and fun and treat me so well.  I’m an old guy in their eyes but the are great to be around, and crack up when I slap their asses and they slap mine – I help them pick up guys by starting the conversations then letting them on their own.  Great times.  All my sailing buddies showed up – drinking like sailors.  Did three different rounds of shots with different crews, the girls, the sailors, and work buds.  We rolled out of there and moved on to Lion Head, where my buddy Ed was making out with one of Lisa’s roomates he’d hooked up with before – she is crazy – super loud and obnoxious, an actress – and a good one, I’ve never experienced anybody like her.  She doesn’t care.  Then she saw a guy that looks like Ron Weasly and went and made out with him.  We then as a team of guys managed to keep Ron away from Drunk Ed.  Eventually we succeeded but it wasn’t easy, and very humorous as Mary didn’t care which guy as we ran interference for Eddy.

Saturday was the Jimmy Buffett conert at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin.  Lisa and I drove up – parked in the lot and sat and drank a few beers – then got restless and started wandering thru the lot.  Ran across one guy with a full bar build behind his truck and did a free shot with him.  Then came upon a group with the hood of their car open – and a blender hooked up to the battery!  we wandered to the maingates picked up our tickets and backstage passes (compliments of JB – I actually know him and have rock climbed with him a number of times) and then set off to find Lisa’s cute cousin through a huge group of buses with a zillion drunken revelers – it was a sight – barbecues, tits here and there, games where girls would spin a wheel and depending where it landed, show your ass, boobs, do a shot, spin again, etc.  And girls were actually playing.  Along every row were the ‘bags’ game it seemed.  Found the cousin and said hello, then went to find the backstage area.  Drank some free booze and chatted with Jimmy’s right hand man who actually got me the tix.  Then saw the show – 26 rows back, center – and it was amazing.  Jimmy loves his audiences and you can feel the energy and love and excitement pouring off him.  I love him and his lifestyle and what he stands for – having fun, enjoying life, doing what you love, and living life to the fullest.  I’ve been a fan since college, and had the amazing gift of meeting him and spending many hours basically one on one with him, one evening actually going out partying with he and his entourage.  It was spectacular and everything I could have wished for and more.  Just like you might picture hanging out with him – can’t say enough good, he makes you feel special and important and good being around him.

Then today took about ten friends sailing, some church friends, some work friends, some climbing friends.  It worked out great and was blue sky, sunny and great wind.  About 4 miles out from the city we pulled in the sails and all jumped in.  Great times.  6 girls, 4 guys, all cuties in their bikinis, and all interesting I thought – one girl lives in Paris, one is a travelling nurse, one a med student, one a speech therapist, one writing books for kids – was funny they all worked with children.  Good stuff.  Then went back to the buoy and hung out another hour or so, then headed home.  What a birthday weekend!  I was so happy and thanked God many times today and yesterday for being so generous and blessing me fully.



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