Nantucket and Triathlons

So I spent the last 6 days on the road.  Fiorst went out to Cohasset and ran a triathlon.  A sprint, so it was ‘short’ but it was very hilly and the swim was in the ocean – hills are tough to train for in Chicago!  I rode a mountain bike belonging to my girlfriend’s father as they live out there – hard to be competitive on one of those babies when everybody else has spent 3k on their bikes.  Talk about getting passed…  and on the run and on the swim I thought my heart was going to blow out of my chest, whoa.  Actually did happen to one guy my age – had a heart attack during the swim and tragically killed him.  That’s no fun.  Was all over the news.  My poor buddy from since I was five put the whole thing on and did an outstanding job – this was the inaugural year.  I really hope he does it again – it was so much work, I can’t even fathom.  We spent 3 or 4 hours working that afternoon with 8 or 10 others tearing everything down and loading up trucks, what an  effort.  Kudos to Billy B!!

 We drove my buddy Wayne to his in-laws place on the cape – they drove us around this compound on golf carts – apparently the great Gatsby was based on this estate, now shared by a bunch of families – the guy’s mansion is now subdivided into 30 condos – the place is mammoth.  and he was a bit of a nutjob and built an enormous – probably 250 feet tall – satellite dish out on this picturesque point in the ocean – inconfruous is the word for it.  Quite a sight.  The son of the witch of wall street apparently.

Then Early the next morning we were off to the island – My girl’s mother very kindly drove us to the ferry – where we hopped on, 30 minutes early to my chagrin (I like to cut it closer) and sped across to Nantucket in the fog.  I was so so excited to get there  – I’ve been going since I was ten, almost every year with one of my best buddies in the world, and his family.  My buddy wasn’t there but his folks were, and they were such wonderful hosts.  And a gorgeous, clean, loving home worth many millions I’m sure – overlooking the harbor and right close to town.  Free use of the cars and great food and wonderful comapny.  We headed off to the beach the first day, Somtehing Natural Sandwiches and grubbed down on them at Jetties – Lisa was about to eat my arm so we had to get food in her quick.  After that we checked out Wauwinet where her folks will stay in a few weeks, then spent the afternoon at Dionis, before heading home and showering and heading to Straight Wharf for an amazing dinner.

I left off – the night before the triathlon – Lisa’s folks are incredible cooks – I carbo loaded on juicy steaks, scallops, pasta, bread and tomatoes – what a feast!  When I grow up I want to cook like that!  Easy way to pack on pounds – go visit them!

So the next day on Nantucket – would have loved to go surf casting which I usually do when Spence is out there, but no dice this trip.  Instead we launched their 19 foot sailboat – I was very helpful as sailing’s a hobby of mine, having a boat of my own here in Chicago.  It was fun – lifted it off the trailer with a winch then set the mast with the four of us, 2 guys, 2 girls.  Smooth.  Made a decision to sail without a lower shroud – it worked.  Had a gorgeous sail through thte harber and back to the buoy at Gretch’s beach.  I love Nantucket – such a slow pace and so much to do if you love beaches and oceans and all the playing that goes on.  Also saw gretch and Mark – they’r e so great – I’ve known them since I was a boy too, and they kindly offered all their beach toys – kayaks, windsurfers, etc.

Then headed home the next afternoon after seeing my high school buddy Wayne and his wife and enjoying lunch and beers at “The Brotherhood of Thieves” restaurant – a favorite haunt of ours since college.  Yum!

And crazy enough – this Saturday I leave for the Chciago to Mackinac sailboat race – gotta get all my gear together.  333 miles, nonstop – working in shifts, 3 hours on three hours off – grueling and amazing.  11 guys on a J120 called Valkyrie.  I’m dreading it now – sounds like misery doesn’t it?  Rain or shine, storm or calm, we sail, and we don’t stop until we get to Mackinac.  That’s a long time to be jammed in a boat with 10 other dudes.  It’s all good and it’s an incredible accomplishment – I actually worte a story on my first mac and got it published.


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