Sailing and partying

So last weekend we raced my friend’s sailboat up to Waukegan.  We managed to beat the other boats in our class – one by 8 seconds.  Good times, close finish obviously.  26 miles from Chicago, so took us about 5 hours.  When we got into the harbor there were no other boats, which is always fun, then the other hundred or so show up.  They had a race on land where you carvea boat out of wood and blow it down a rain gutter – myself and another guy did that and won a bottle of rum!  And then to top things off, one of the crew guyshad a birthdayand his family has a lakehouse about an hour from where we were.  So his Dad sent us a limo.  We rolled to a bar call the “Brat Stop” which was cool, had a beer there, then conintued on the their home.  Grubbed down on some yum food in the pretty much palacial estate, I don’t know how many millions this joint cost them.  Then we took off with the rest of the kids our age on a pontoon boat after doing somersaults down the front lawn.  On the way to the bar via pontoon boat the sailboat captain, John and I climbed on the roof and jumped off into the lake – good times.

We arrived at the dock of the “Inn Between” and hung out there for another hour before the limo picked us up and we headed back to the boat.  Sailed back to Chicago the next day.

 Wednesday I took a very good buddy from NYC out sailing.  He’s an excellent listener – talked about relationships, trading, his thriving business, etc.  Great to see him.  I drove him homw to his folks place in the burbs.

Tonight we race from Milwaukee to Muskegon Michigan,  all night, hopefully the full moon will be out.  Should be a great race, we’ve never done it before.

Got my triathlon in Cohasset coming up next weekend – not quite in shape for it!  Yikes.


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