Adventure Meeting

Had a meeting with my adventure group – we did a fourteen person night time canoe trip a few weeks ago.  We couldn’t find a campsite and there was some trauma/drama as some people weren’t so down with the adventure – canoeing from 10 pm to 3 am was a little much for some, however crazy adventures that nobody else does is our vision and goal – and we certainly met it.  The intent was to camp out an hour or two into it – but we never found a good spot.  I was thrilled to learn some of my core group loved the trip and were very supportive though the trip didn’t turn out ‘perfect’ – however where’s the adventure if you know everything that’s going to happen??  It was great feedback.  Also my church sponsor, one of the elders that came up with the adventure ministry idea was extremely supportive as well and said he’s been on similar trips where folks get lost – it’s rough on the leader, and just need to get used to it.  All in all it was a great experience and it will be even better next time.  Or maybe not – since we’ll know where to go and what to expect… 🙂

 This weekend we race from Chicago to Waukegan, about 45 miles, then back Sunday.  Should be a decent party Saturday night.  Going out tonight with the boat crew, but not too late as boat time is 7:30 am.

 Sunday plans to sail with my good friend Melinda who is both a climber and a sailor and Australian and full of life and adventure and excitement!  Love being around her.  She’ll be bringing a friend too, who is sure to be terrific.

Last night was supposed to take the senior staff from church sailing – some ladies heard about thunderstorms and pressured the rest to call it off before I was able to get back to them and tell them I’d looked at the radar and saw just a teeny bit of green – nothing to worry about.  Was a bummer and I was crabby about it.  But had a good night anyways, worked out at Lakeshore while Lisa rode the bus downtown, met her at Starbucks and we walked to the theater to see Knocked Up – great show and quite a funny situation and some good laughs.

 Have a triathlon coming up in two weeks – I am NOT in shape!  Swam three times so far and have done some biking.  Met up with Wayne, my high school bud, for a bike workout along the lakeshore Tuesday night.  Good times but spent more time ogling the babes than riding hard, though I did work up a decent sweat and burn in the legs.  Race is in Cohasset in two weeks!


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