Lunch with a monk

Today I had lunch with a man who left the US at age 21 to travel.  He ended up in Dharamsala studying with the Dalai Lama and many other monks for years, traveling around Nepal, India and Tibet for many years before returning here to the US where he has been quite successful at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.  He told me all about how focus, visualization, and meditation changed his life and help him today.  apparently his son is fairly small and slow yet consistently hits home runs – attributable to what his dad taught him about visualization.

Worked the rest of the day.  I was supposed to take the senior staff from church out sailing but they bailed due to weather reports some of the ladies saw calling for thunderstorms – unfortunately I wasn’t able to answer the phone when they called to discuss it and they called it off without consulting me.  BUMMER!  Not a cloud in the sky and around 80 degrees now, a look at the radar shows not much in the area, a few clouds.

Off to work out and then bike with the girlfriend – first time alon in 5 days as her family has been in town for quite a while.


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