All righty.  Off we go.  As for interesting things I’ve done so far this week…  Got invited to the American Friends of Hebrew University dinner honoring the former chief of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Leo Melamed.  Some pretty amazing guys there.  Met the fellow who did ‘Freedom to Choose’ for Milton Friedman, a producer who claims it’s been used as a model for the governements in Mongolia, Estonia, and the Czech Republic among others.  The fellow who invited me is a big cheese at a bank here in town so I was fairly surprised to get the call being the little guy I am.  I decided to go – was funny being the minority and listening to Carl Reiner joke about non-anti-semitic gentiles – not often I get called a gentile.  Good time though.  Afterwards I ended up taking the big bank guy out to a bar to meet up with my girlfriend and her friends – being 47 and they 24, I’m pretty sure he had fun before he headed home to his family.

Yesterday I took my girl Lisa and her sister for a sail on my boat at lunchtime – got a nasty sunburn as it was gorgeous out.  Lisa looks great with a tan I must say.  And her sister is so fun – what a great time.  Got hit by a gust of about 22 knots when it was blowing around 13 – got a rail in the water which added some spice to the trip for the ladies.  “Don’t panic!” I yelled, jokingly as we went sideways.  Who can really complain about sneaking out at lunch with two bikini-clad babes, you know?

 Monday before the Hebrew dinner gig I taught climbing for two hours at the gym – no customers so hung out.  Got in trouble with the boss (who is a bit weird and a guy and not nearly as awesome as my previous hot fun babe of a boss) for skipping my shift last week – which was a complete accident and I didn’t even realize it.  duh.

Off to race on another guy’s boat soon – the Valkyrie is a 40 foot J120 here in Chicago.  Great group of guys and tons of fun.  Sometimes I don’t really feel like going but it’s always fun once we’re out there.  Can be pretty intense and exciting at times.  We’re actually getting pretty good and win sometimes now.  That’s cool.


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