Roadtrip 2016 Colorado Plateau, Utah, Hanksville, Durango, Indian Ruins, Sand Dunes, 3 kids under 4

April 5, 2018

We had 2 weeks between homes so hit the road, headed west then south then east then north, lots of cool and fun experiences.  Generally I’d work in the mornings while Lisa hung with the kids, then we’d do something fun like a hike or adventure in the afternoon, then drive 2-3 hours while the kids slept to the next destination.  Tons of fun and not as stressful as you might think with three kids under 4, including a 6 week old.

First we rolled west averaging like 85 mph all the way out to Green River Utah to meet my old buddy Scott and his family, who had cruised in his westy (so cool he has one too) all the way from Sacramento California.

Trimmer family roadtrip 2016

We found a canyon, Black Dragon Canyon, right off I70 – no exit, just stop and drive off the freeway onto a dirt road.  Nutty.  Then we rolled as the road got rougher and rougher into a super cool huge canyon, totally unoccupied by anyone but us.  All the kids ran around and had a blast together as we stopped the van and hiked through the canyon, with wall rising steeply and blocking much of the sun on both sides.

Amazing trip 🙂




Crazy half moon shadows during the eclipse

September 13, 2017

We saw the eclipse in Fort Collins CO, 95% of the total. It was a super special day as my son was born a few hours after the eclipse. Check out the shadows on one of our short breaks outside.

Sanitas getting closer to goal! 10.5%

March 30, 2017

Gutted it out up the Sanitas steep west ridge segment on strava. Sort of not fun but also really cool. Heck of a gorgeous day took no snacks and

no water. Set a personal record. 10.5%, getting closer to breaking the 10% goal! Really excited for it. I just need to move up 8 spots. I’m a bit conflicted because it’s not a meandering hike but all good, fun to get the heart rate up for 30 minutes straight and be outdoors. I take my time on the descents. Gorgeous day and I’m pretty proud of myself. 🙂

Did a bit of the MMM and Tim ferriss stoic ism, pretending I was blind for a while and then was so happy I’m actually not!

Edit: i made my goal 2 weeks before we keft Boulder did sanitas in top 6%! Cruahed the goal 🙂

Dawn Patrol Hike at ncar

March 28, 2017

Did a 630am hike with a buddy from church who works for Cru. Good times, watched the sun rise. 

Pretty stunning. We made about 5 miles at a solid clip.  Did ncar to the Mesa trail then north towards  hat aqua and added in a steep extra loop up to woods quarry where much of the stone for the CU campus was quarried.  Strava showed us top 8% for one section and top 3% for another rarely traveled section. My goal is to get into the top 10% for the ascent of Mt Sanitas, last go a week ago was top 12% so I’m getting there. Actually that was done two days before this hike. Then after we went to a men’s breakfast at church (cornerstone in South boulder) which was super cool too. 

And saw some deer near the end close to the ncar buildings. 

Sun rising with moon still up

February 21, 2017

Not the most amazing shot but a cool moment out on the dock in the Intra Coastal Waterway in Jupiter Florida,  early morning watching the sunrise with my early riser 2.5 year old.  Sliver of a moon is in the upper right, sun coming up on the left.  Was a gorgeous day with a heck of a great start. 

Sanibel causeway Islands beaches

February 14, 2017

Super cool beaches on the Sanibel causeway Islands. 

Flagstaff House 6th anniversary dinner

December 20, 2016

Amazing meal and date to the Flagstaff House in Boulder. It’s

 up on Flagstaff mountain and we were seated looking straight out a window down onto the mountains as well as Boulder proper.  Such an stunning setting.  All sorts of fun free treats and amuse bouches throughout the meal including 5 little bonus desserts for our anniversary. 

Free valet and all around cool vibe. Financed by my wonderful grandparents in-law.